2019 Colorado Free Days

2019 Denver Free Days: The Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum & Many More

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of free admission days to Colorado’s favorite attractions, museums, and landmarks, from the beloved Denver Zoo to the Denver Botanic Gardens and more. Don’t forget about the week in April that all United States National Parks are free! Check back – I’ll add more to the list as attractions and museums announce additional free days as the year goes on!

For now, here’s the list 2019 calendar of Denver free days I’ve found so far so you can start planning your visits.


1/4 Museo de las Americas

1/5 Denver Art Museum

1/7 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

1/8 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

1/8 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

1/10 Denver Zoo

1/11 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

1/12 City of Longmont Museum

1/17 Plains Conservation Center

1/18 Denver Zoo

1/19 Denver Zoo

1/21 (until 5pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

1/21 All United States National Parks

1/24 Clyfford Still Museum

1/27 Denver Museum of Nature and Science


2/1 Museo de las Americas

2/2 Denver Art Museum

2/3 Denver Zoo

2/4 Denver Zoo

2/5 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

2/5 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

2/8 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

2/9 City of Longmont Museum

2/11 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2/17 Clyfford Still Museum

2/18 (until 5pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

2/21 Plains Conservation Center


3/1 Museo de las Americas

3/2 Denver Art Museum

3/5 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

3/5 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

3/8 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

3/9 City of Longmont Museum

3/21 Plains Conservation Center

3/22 (until 5pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

3/26 Clyfford Still Museum


4/2 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

4/2 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

4/3 (5pm-10pm) Denver Museum of Nature and Science

4/5 Museo de las Americas

4/6 Denver Art Museum

4/12 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

4/13 City of Longmont Museum

4/14 (until 5pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

4/20-4/28 All United States National Parks

4/28 Clyfford Still Museum

4/28 Denver Museum of Nature and Science


5/3 Museo de las Americas

5/4 Denver Art Museum

5/7 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

5/10 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

5/11 City of Longmont Museum

5/17 (4pm-8pm) Joy Park (Children’s Museum)

5/22 Clyfford Still Museum


6/1 Denver Art Museum

6/2 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

6/4 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

6/4 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

6/4 (until 9pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

6/7 Museo de las Americas

6/8 City of Longmont Museum

6/14 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

6/18 Clyfford Still Museum

6/20 Plains Conservation Center

6/21 (4pm-8pm) Joy Park (Children’s Museum)


7/2 (5pm-10pm) Denver Museum of Nature and Science

7/2 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

7/2 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

7/5 Museo de las Americas

7/6 Denver Art Museum

7/10 (until 9pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

7/12 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

7/13 City of Longmont Museum

7/17 Clyfford Still Museum

7/18 Plains Conservation Center

7/19 (4pm-8pm) Joy Park (Children’s Museum)


8/2 Museo de las Americas

8/3 Denver Art Museum

8/3 Clyfford Still Museum

8/6 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

8/6 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

8/9 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

8/10 City of Longmont Museum

8/15 Plains Conservation Center

8/16 (4pm-8pm) Joy Park (Children’s Museum)

8/26 Denver Museum of Nature and Science


9/3 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

9/3 (until 9pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

9/6 Museo de las Americas

9/7 Denver Art Museum

9/12 Clyfford Still Museum

9/13 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

9/14 City of Longmont Museum

9/20 (4pm-8pm) Joy Park (Children’s Museum)

9/29 Denver Museum of Nature and Science


10/1 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

10/4 Museo de las Americas

10/5 Denver Art Museum

10/11 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

10/12 City of Longmont Museum

10/14 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

10/15 Clyfford Still Museum


11/1 Museo de las Americas

11/2 Clyfford Still Museum

11/2 Denver Art Museum

11/2 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

11/4 Denver Zoo

11/5 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

11/5 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

11/8 Denver Zoo

11/8 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

11/9 City of Longmont Museum

11/11 (until 5pm) Denver Botanic Gardens

11/11 All United States National Parks

11/17 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

11/21 Plains Conservation Center


12/3 (4pm-8pm) Children’s Museum of Denver

12/6 Museo de las Americas

12/7 Denver Art Museum

12/8 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

12/13 (12-4pm) Four Mile Historic Park

12/14 City of Longmont Museum

12/18 Clyfford Still Museum

12/19 Plains Conservation Center

Venues Free Weekly

Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum – Free Thursdays & Saturdays

Aurora History Museum – Free Tuesday-Sunday

Year-Round Free Venues

Hudson Gardens

Red Rocks Park – Daily 5am 11pm

Arvada Center Galleries

Museum of Outdoor Arts

Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

US Air Force Academy Visitor Center

CU Art Museum

United States Mint

Coors Brewery Tour

Colorado State Capitol

Hammond’s Candy Factory Tour

Celestial Seasonings Tour – Closed on some holidays, see website for details.