DIY Natural Eyelash Serum

I am often asked what mascara I use, if I am wearing fake lashes, what products I use or what I have had done…. The answer is, they are natural with a little DIY serum I use each night!  For me this was a no-brainer as I hate using toxic chemicals that a lot of products may contain.


The first and major ingredient is simply castor oil .  By coating the hair shaft and smoothing out the cuticle layer, the oil is able to help the follicles of the lashes. Making sure that you purchase the correct type of castor oil is vital, as there are castor oils that are used for other purposes, such as industrial use. Shopping at a health food store or online is your best bet for finding the right castor oil. Check the label and stick with an oil that is cold-pressed or cold-processed, as these are the indicators of a pure and all natural top of the line product.

Additionally I add vitamin E oil.  Again, making sure you buy high quality.  While looking into natural eyelash growth products, I came across a number of proponents of vitamin E as a treatment for strengthening, thickening, and even lengthening lashes. These people claim that rubbing vitamin E oil into your eyelids and onto your eyelashes at bedtime will help to promote normal lash growth.

I also add a few essential oils to support healthy eyelashes.  My favorites are lavender, cedarwood and rosemary.


DIY Natural Eyelash Serum Recipe:

Take a 10mL roller bottle  add:

10 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops cedar wood essential oil
3-5 drops rosemary essential oil
1/2 tsp of vitamin E oil
Fill the rest with castor oil 

Each night before bed I roll on my lashes. I don’t get it in my eyes, just on the lashes. I also add a drop of lavender in my mascara