3 Reasons Why Fad Diets (Especially Diets Cutting Out Groups of Foods) Can Be Detrimental

Fad diets are those that promote weight loss or any other health advantages by missing out on other key nutritional diets. A great example is high fat low carbs diets like the keto diet that promises extreme weight loss at no physical exercise cost.

Currently, in the 21stcentury, hundreds of diets are being promoted as the best strategy for losing weight but little is being said about their risks and dangers in the long run. It is important to note that fad diets can be harmful to your health both mentally and physically.

Here are some reasons why fad diets are more harm than beneficial:

Nutritional Deficiency

Just by the fact that a fad diet constrains you from eating other forms of nutrients, you are at risk of nutritional deficiency. This can, in turn, lead to health complications such as anemia, iron deficiency, depression and bone diseases like osteoporosis.

Trapped in a Diet Cycle

The nature of fad diets is to get you to achieve a certain objective which for most people is to lose weight. However, what comes after you achieve your target? For most people, they abandon their fad diets to commence normal diets. They then gain weight and have to go back to the fad diet. This translates into being trapped in a diet cycle.

Risk of Gaining Weight

Once people have attained their fad diet objectives they go back to their normal diets. The only problem is that they risk gaining weight. People on fad diets tend to crave carbs, fats and other nutrients they had eliminated from their diets. This puts them at the edge of gaining weight once more, especially once they begin to add the macro back into their diets they have taken out. This is very true of low-carb diets as carbs help our body to retain water so much of the initial weightloss from this type of diet is just water weight. Once the carbs are added back in, the body begins to hold on to that water weight which will make it seem as though we are gaining weight quickly.

Eating Disorder

If you are on a fad diet you are at risk of acquiring an eating disorder. For instance, you can become obsessed with calorie counting which is a preoccupation that can develop an unhealthy relationship with your eating habits. In the long run, damage your health.

Rather than try to take shortcuts to lose weight, eat healthily and put in the work to lose weight. There is no magic pill or silver bullet. I definitely recommend reading some of my other posts on maximizing diet and exericise to get the most out of your efforts though.