Do you need to take rest days from working out?

Exercising is a good way of staying healthy especially when it’s coupled with a balanced diet. People exercise for different reasons. Some want to stay fit, others want to practice bodybuilding while for others, it is simply what the doctor prescribed. 

No matter the reason for exercises, it is important to have rest days. These are days that you don’t work-out. Here are some reasons why rest days are important for you:

Prevent Injury

By resting you’re promoting injury reduction. Rest days prevent overuse of body parts whether your running, lifting or walking. It is important to understand that when you are working out you are engaging your muscles. If they don’t break then in time, they will be affected by overuse thus causing injuries.

Muscles Require Rest

As you work out, let’s say lifting weights, your muscles essentially tear creating a temporary injury. Rest days are required to allow the muscles to heal and build up. If the muscles are constantly engaged then the body’s immune system shuts down and your muscles will not recover from the fiber tears.

Performance Remain Outstanding

Constant exercises with no rest are likely to put your body in a constant state of restlessness or high alertness making it difficult to achieve a good night sleep. If you don’t sleep well, then you will not be able to perform in your next work out or any other daily activity.

Cools the Immune System

During periods of heavy activity and physical engagement, the immune system is also heavily engaged in repairing muscles and joints. Without rest days then the immune system shall be overworking to catch up with repairs thus leading to injuries.

Therefore, in the same manner that you set your workout goals, it is also important to set rest day goals.