Benefits of Weight Training for Women

It is still a misconception in today’s society that women should stick to cardio machines in the gym and not lift weights. For women, lifting weights a few times a week will not only reduce fat around your hips and waist but can also improve your overall health. Weight lifting is a form of strength training with the use of weights or weight machines for resistance. Weights strengthen your muscles and help tone up your body. Here are some of the ways lifting weights are beneficial to women.

Gain Strength without bulking

Many women prefer to avoid weight lifting because they assume that they’ll build a lot of muscle like men. This is impossible because women do not have enough testosterone to build muscle like men. Instead, women will just develop muscle definition and strength without having to increase in size.

Burn Body Fat

Weight lifting helps increase metabolism meaning you’ll be burning more calories in a day. You will lose more fat and gain muscle built by weight training. After a workout session, there is more oxygen consumption that helps break down the fat stores in your body.

Boosts confidence and moods.

The strength gained from weight training is empowering.This boost your self-esteem and overall confidence in your appearance. Training helps increase energy levels. The endorphins produce while working out are similar to those released during aerobic exercises such as yoga to improve your mood.

Improve Posture and reduce Back Pain

Weight training will strengthen your core, shoulder and back muscles.  It can help correct poor posture so that you can stand with your spine straight and shoulders back. A stronger back will help prevent lower back pain and reduce the chances of injuries.

Weight training can transform your whole body and improve your mood all day.