6 Ways Stretching can improve your Health almost immediately

Is Stretching part of your exercise regimen? Stretching refers to the lengthening of your body muscles to improve muscle flexibility and warm up your body to reduce the chances of injuries. Use of proper form and technique will help avoid injuries even when you stretch. Plan to stretch daily to reduce muscle pain. Read on to learn more about other benefits of Stretching.

The most common forms of Stretches

Static stretches involve holding a stretch in a comfortable position for a period of time. Holding for 10-30 seconds is very beneficial after an exercise.

Dynamic Stretches are active movements cause your muscles to stretch. These stretches are better before the exercise to get your body ready for movements.

Benefits of Stretching 

Increases Flexibility: You can regain and maintain your flexibility with stretching even as you grow older. Daily activities such as bending down, lifting objects and running become less tiring.

Increases blood circulation: Stretching helps increase the blood flow to your muscles, bringing nutrients and removing waste. This helps with overall health and reduce post-workout soreness.

Relieves stress: Most of the time you feel stressed, your muscles tighten up in response. To relieve the tension in your muscles tries stretching this will help calm your mind. 

Heals and Prevents Back pains: stretching has been proven to help heal back injuries. A regular routine can help prevent future back injuries by strengthening your back muscles.

Improves your posture: Regular stretching keeps the spine in better alignment and improves overall posture. A good posture helps keep aches and pains away. You’ll be able to sit up straight!

Improves Physical Performances: regular stretching helps relax your muscles and they are more available during exercise. Stretching before helps improve your performance in athletic exercises.

Whether you’re an athlete or just want to start going to the gym, you can gain a lot from adopting a regular stretching routine.