Why I decided to try meditation and the surprising results.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been used for thousands of years. At first, I will admit I was sceptical. AND it was hard for me to dedicate time to doing something “not productive”. After I got started and dedicated time each day to meditating, I realized it WAS productive and truly beneficial. You gain spiritual, emotional and physical benefits from meditation. The deep reflection helps you to relax, but you gain more than that. Here’s the surprising results I experienced: 

Stress Reduction

Most people engage in meditation to reduce stress. Stress can be mental or physical, and it’s caused by high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that occurs in the body. This leads to many health issues. The harmful effects of stress include lack of sleep, high pressure, anxiety, and cloudy mind. 

Helps to Control Anxiety

Meditation reduces stress and therefore contributes to deal with anxiety. All the symptoms of anxiety are reduced including social anxiety, panic attacks paranoid thoughts and obsessive and compulsive behaviors.  The meditative practice makes you overcome stress and calm down, which is difficult when you mid is racing and feel stressed. 

Great for Emotional Health

Meditation lightens your moods, and you will no longer feel sad or easily irritated. It also helps people deal with depression is the number one cause of sadness in people. Once you overcome this problem and improve your emotional health. You self-confidence also increases and with a positive outlook. You make your habit and the benefits become a long term thing. 

Good for Age-Related Memory Issues

Meditation improves your thinking clarity and helps to maintain a youthful mind. One of the meditation methods known as Kirtan Kriya involves chant and mantra with fingers motions, which are repetitive. It is usually used on participants who want to enhance their memory. Those battling with dementia will find meditation helpful as it helps to increase memory.


Meditation is good for emotional and mental health. It can be done anywhere and does require equipment or any membership.  There are free meditation courses online that you can use.