What is network marketing?

Most people earn income by waking up, leaving the house and family, and trading their time for a paycheck. However, there are only so many hours in a day and with a regular job, your ability to make income will always be capped.

But what if you could build long-term wealth for your family without a 9-5 job and build up an income stream every single month in a business that you CAN PASS DOWN to your family?

When I started my network marketing business, it was because I truly loved the products and wanted to live a cleaner (toxin-free) life with my kiddos. I was a single mom and self-employed. I didn’t have a ton of extra money. I shared my love of the products with some friends and was able to pay for all of my toxin-free household cleaning and hygiene items that first month with the money I earned just telling my friends about what I was using at home, and have been able to do so (plus, much much more) since then.

There are tons of great network marketing companies out there that offer amazing products. My heart has always been to provide the best for my kids and teach them to lead happy and healthy lives.

I promise I will share the secret to being able to build a legacy but first let’s talk about linear income. 

Linear income trades time for money

That means if you work 8 Hours a day and make $20 an hour, you will make $160 a day. In this example, you have traded your time and received a paycheck. There are only so many days and so many hours you can work to make money this way. 

If you subtract weekends and holidays, there are about 250 work days a year. 

Take your daily income of $160 and multiply that by 250 work days and you are making about $40,000 each year. 

You may be able to pick up over time or get a second job but again you are trading any extra time to work for money. 

The other problem with a job that provides linear income is that unpredictable events can cut that income off. 

If you call in sick, you usually don’t get paid. 

What if you are injured and are unable to work? 

What if you or your spouse passes away? Will you be able to live off of your income? Will they be able to live off of theirs? 

What if you are laid off? 

Do you have six months to a year of your bills in savings to tide you over while you look for another job?

This is the exact reason (besides wanting to have toxin-free household items) I decided to pursure a network marketing business. I am a photographer but I was injured several years back. I had horrible pain in my neck and down my arm for months. I could barely life a cup of coffee (sweet nectar of life) let alone my big, heavy camera. My income significantly dropped because I physically wasn’t able to work and being self-employed I didn’t have FMLA or sick time to use. If I wanted to pay my bills I had to be working.

Now let’s look at residual income

Residual income is when you do an action one time and get paid on it time and time again. Or you get paid off of other people’s efforts.

How many of you have heard of residual income?

Think about your 5-year plan. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What would you like your families income to be? 

Most positions offer a 3% annual raise. That means if you are getting 3% every year you are going to increase your income by 15% in 5 years. 

Does that sound good to you??? Or do you want MORE than that? 

Do you want to be able to work hard and have your paycheck reflect your efforts with NO cap?

If so, drop a YES in the comments! 

Here is a fun (or not so fun) example.

If you were making $40K a year but wanted to make $100,000 a year and were on track to get that 3% raise every year, do you know how long it would take you to hit $100,000?

It would take you 31 years to make $100,000 a year. 

There are different ways to generate residual income. 

You can perform an action once and get paid on it over and over again. 

You could have a Real Estate investment. Purchase a home or an apartment complex and earn rent. This takes a lot of capital to get started

Write a book. This takes a lot of talent and time. You may write three books before one gets picked up for publication, or this might never happen. BUT if it does, you would make money in royalties for every book that is sold. 

Invest in the stock market: takes capital to invest and there is a risk.

You can also get paid from the efforts of others. 

For example, if you own a State Farm agency, you have a sales team who sells insurance and you make money off of their efforts. However, you need significant capital to rent an office and hire your team. Another downfall to this business is you can not pass this business down to your family. You have to give it back to State Farm when you retire or die. 

Or you could build a Network Marketing business.

This is when you sell a product through a company and generate income from the efforts of others who are doing the same thing under you. 

One of the most amazing things about Network marketing is that it requires very little upfront investment, which is a huge draw. I’m talking $100-200 to get your business up and running compared to $100,000-3 million like the others I mentioned. 

Remember that 3% raise we talked about? If you are putting in the effort and treating your business like a business, you can easily increase your paycheck by 3% in one-month verses one year.  I have a friend who replaced her full-time income within six months by starting a network marketing company. Does that happen for everyone? No. BUT it does if you want it bad enough. Even still, why not have some extra money on the side doing something you love?

Network Marketing businesses offer an easy and affordable path to residual income. 

First, let’s debunk some myths about Network Marketing because I know some of you are thinking them. 

Myth #1

It’s a pyramid scheme – 

Pyramid schemes ask you to invest money up front to be “in.” They basically use your money and then use you to recruit others, without any actual sale of products. 

A Network Marketing company is a multi-level marketing (MLM) system for distributing products to consumers. You typically get your business started by ordering a box of products to use personally, build personal testimonies, and then share them with your friends. This is legal and very effective. 

Myth #2

I can’t be successful because I don’t have a ton of friends. The beauty of MLM is that you don’t need a lot of friends. It isn’t about how many you know, it’s about knowing people that know other people. It becomes a total team effort and the community you build is AMAZING! 

The other common thing I hear about friends is “I don’t want to sell to my friends.” You may think that “SELLING” is a bad thing so you don’t want to try to sell anything to anybody you know, but you sell to your friends all the time. When you try out that new restaurant and love the food, you go tell your friends about it. The difference is that you aren’t getting paid when your five best friends go try the new burger place you raved about. 

 And if you feel guilty about making money off your friends, I want to share a scenario to help you shift your mindset. It is not wrong and actually, your friends WANT TO SUPPORT YOU and will appreciate what they get! 

Let’s say you go to a restaurant where your friend is a server. When you get there, do you tell the hostess NOT to sit you in your friend’s section? NO! That’s EXACTLY where you want to sit! 

After the meal is over, do you expect to get your meal for FREE!? NO! 

Do you say to yourself, “Oh I’m not going to leave a tip because my friend was waiting on us.” NO! You actually probably give them an even bigger tip, and feel great about it! So if you think your friends don’t want to support you, it’s time to shift your mindset.

Myth #3

I can’t be successful because I am not an extrovert. Being successful at this business isn’t about being outgoing. There are a lot of ways to share. Do you feel comfortable talking to your friends? How about asking them how they are doing and helping them in times of need? (I’m assuming you’re shaking your head “Yes.”), then you will be great at this! If you care about others and like to help the ones you love, you can be very successful. 

Myth #4

I can’t be successful because I don’t know how to sell anything. Building a network marketing business is all about building relationships. As you spend time getting to know people and hearing their needs, you can share the amazing benefits of your products with them. 

Myth #5

I don’t have time to build a network marketing business.  When you’re with people, be intentional about connecting. This biz is about relationships. When you’re spending time with people, ask a few more questions to really find out what’s going on in their lives. There are also a LOT of resources available to help you save time. 

Myth #6

I don’t have a special degree so people won’t trust me.  People will listen to you because you’re awesome and you care about them! You have life experience and your own product experience. What you have to say is relevant and helpful. Have confidence in yourself. You are enough just the way you are!

Myth #7

I’ll have to learn everything about the products before I can start sharing. All you need are a few personal experiences you can share. Trust me, if you are a walking encyclopedia, no one will think they can do this with you and THAT is exactly what you DON’T want. Anyone can say, “Oh my gosh, I’ve been drinking an ounce of this juice every morning and I feel so energized!”

Myth #8

It’s a get-rich-quick scheme – It’s not. I will be honest, building this business to the point where you could replace your income takes time. It could take one, two, three, years. BUT you can easily start this business with 30-60 minutes a day while you continue to work your day job. In your first month, you could easily pay for your groceries or your gas. How far you take it is up to you.

Now that you have moved your limiting beliefs out of the way, let’s look at all the benefits of this business. It is the business of today and can be the answer to your problems! 

#1 Willable income – This means you have the ability to pass down your Young Living business. You could leave the business to your spouse, your children, or anyone else you would like. If you are going to work hard to build a business, you better make sure you can leave it to your family when you’re gone. That is building a legacy. 

#2 Flexible schedule and you can work from ANYWHERE! – How fun would it be to decide on a Wednesday, “Hey, let’s drive up north on Friday for a long weekend!” or to be able to make every baseball game and dance recital? 

#3 True financial freedom. We already talked about residual income. This is the key to finding TRUE financial freedom. The ability to pay off your debt and to continue to build upon what you have. If you work hard and stay consistent you could literally get a raise every single month. 

#4 There is no better time than NOW to start building a Network marketing business. Now we live in the “Information Age” where companies like Facebook and Twitter are changing the name of the game. Today, it is about building and owning networks. This has leveled the playing field. There has never been a better time to start to grow your own networking company.

#5 Job security – How secure is your job now? Nothing is 100%, which is why having multiple sources of income is smart. 

Young Living is a health and wellness company. What does that have to do with job security? 

It is statistically proven that today people are spending their money on traveling, building experiences, and on health and wellness. With your YL business, you are providing health and wellness through YL products and building a community of people helping others build relationships: an experience they will never forget. By sharing the opportunity with others, you are sharing the benefits of time and financial freedom. And you’ll gain skills you can use for life. 

# 6 Relationships – Oh My Word, I had NO idea that this business would create so many amazing relationships. If you think you lack friends and want to have more, just start a network marketing business. 

This business has overflowed my relationship cup. I have connected with old friends I hadn’t talk to in years; some joined my team and now we talk daily, dream together, work hard together, and support each other. I have also become close friends with people I only know virtually and it is so cool! 

We all need and long for community. If you feel like you aren’t a part of a community now, you will build one with your YL team.

If you want to be a part of an amazingly supportive community, you’ve come to the right place.

# 7 A rewarding life.

No, I’m not talking about all the free trips you will get with your best friends building this business. I’m talking about helping others find success. Not all network marketing companies have a compensation plan that encourages helping those below you to succeed. Young Living’s compensation plan is set up to encourage you to help those below you succeed. As they hit higher ranks, you generate more financial bonuses. 

This business is truly about helping others in all aspects of life and when they succeed, you succeed. The best leaders are those who build others up.

So how do YOU get started?

I felt the same way. It takes ONE step to get started. 

Ok, so maybe two. First, you have to say “YES.” You have to say YES to yourself. Say YES to the opportunity to work towards achieving your dreams no matter how big or small they are. You deserve more, you deserve the life you want. 

The second step to starting your own business is to order a Young Living Premium Starter Kit to get your business started.

It’s super easy, there are a bunch of choices and when you are ready to get going I will be there for you every step of the way. Our team has a proven system to skyrocket your business without being pushy, feeling salesy or anything like that. You don’t need to have business or marketing experience, just the will to change your life for the better.

This chart shows you the average startup costs for different businesses. 

Large business

Apartment complex – $3,000,000

Swim School – $2,000,000

Restaurant – $300,000 – 1,000,000

Small businesses 

Coffee shop $80,000 – 250,000

Clothing boutique $50,000 -150,000

MLM boutique $5,000 – 10,000

Young Living Business

You only need $150-$265 to have everything you need to start your new business.

Remember, it is ok to want more. It’s ok to dream of more for you and your family. You get one life. Are you living it the way you want?

If this post made you excited, got you wanting more, and even feeling a little scared,  I want to invite you to take a leap. Say “YES” to yourself and to your family.

Start your business today with any Premium Starter Kit.

If you know NOTHING about the Young Living Premium starter kits there is literally something for everyone and we can talk privately about which one would fit you and your lifestyle best.    

When you are ready to get started and have your kit, shoot me a message. I will share more about Young Living specifically and how to rock your new business. I am so excited to help you get going and find success. I’ll even give you tips to make back the cost of your kit in the first month! 

Because I have discussed the ability to make money with Young Living I need to share the income disclosure with you. You can see it using this link. https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/opportunity/income-disclosure

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